A limited edition series of giclee prints available of the mural titled 'Keep Blooming'; only 200 have been produced, all signed, numbered, and titled. The mural has been photographed by the artist, and printed on the highest quality fine art paper with archival inks. Print dimensions are 40 "x 35".

'Keep Blooming...'

  • This paper print should be treated like any other fine art print such as an etching or serigraph. Handle the paper print as gently as possible, and only by the white borders. When doing so, be sure that your hands are freshly washed, or wear gloves, to minimize transfer of oils from your skin. Heavily inked areas (i.e black) are the most sensitive. Direct contact will dent or scuff the print very easily. Because the paper is damaged by prolonged contact with chemically unstable materials, the choice of materials for storage and exhibition is critical. Mattes, folders, and storage boxes should be labeled acid-free or 100% cotton rag. Store matted print or foldered print in flat files or in an appropriately sized box specifically designed for storing works of art. Store the unframed print in a cool and dry environment. Warm or moist conditions accelerate deterioration and encourage mold growth and insect activity. This print should also be protected from environmental pollutants and airborne particulates.

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