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8 x 7 ft  |  'Keep Blooming''  | 2-Panel Piece symbolizing the resilience of Seaside Heights  |  Seaside Heights, NJ

a note from the artist  •  June 27, 2020


...elated to share a two year old project that finally came to completion last week. This piece is the counterpart of my original mural that was on display at Playa Bowls Seaside Park, titled ‘Bloom’. It depicted the jet star roller coaster ‘coralized’ under the water’s surface. My new mural is on the eastern facing wall of Playa Bowls Seaside Heights located in what I consider my second home town, Seaside Heights, NJ. It is titled ‘keep blooming...’ , and depicts a broken hour glass sitting atop the horizon. It’s top half is broken, yet a pool of water remains at the bottom; atop this pool, floats 3 lotus flowers, while an outpour of flurrying bubbles rises towards the sky. The bottom half of the hourglass is a nostalgic scene of historic Seaside Heights landmarks; all of these landmarks woven together in one still image. This painting in all, is about perseverance, and about celebration. It is the joining of two concepts, that time is not a construct, and that time heals all. 

The timing of this mural’s completion couldn’t be more perfect, considering the very trying times we are all in. I hope, deeply, that it gives those that see it...even if it’s just for a moment...a sense of peace and resiliency. .

Humbly... Gratefully....



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