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8 x 7 ft  |  'Keep Blooming''  | 2-Panel Piece symbolizing the resilience of Seaside Heights  |  Seaside Heights, NJ

June 27, 2020

This piece is the counterpart of my Playa Bowls Seaside Park, titled ‘Bloom’. The concept is centered around a broken hour glass sitting atop the horizon. It’s top half is broken, yet a pool of water remains at the bottom. Atop this pool floats 3 lotus flowers, while an outpour of flurrying bubbles rises towards the sky. The bottom half of the hourglass is a nostalgic scene of historic Seaside Heights landmarks, woven together. This painting is a symbol of perseverance, a celebration. It is the amalgamation of two concepts, time is not a construct, and time heals all. I pray all that see it are left with a sense of peace, of resiliency.


Dedicated to my radiant mother, Mary Ella. This piece is titled 'Keep Blooming'

A limited edition series of (200) prints of this mural are now available. Printed on textured fine art paper, printed with the the highest quality archival inks. 

$600 per print, sized at 40” x 36”.

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