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14 x 7.5 ft  |  'Bloom'  | 3-Panel Piece symbolizing rebirth & regrowth post Hurricane Sandy  |  Seaside Park, NJ

a note from the artist  •  July 22, 2017


The iconic Jet Star roller coaster sits peacefully on the ocean floor. Yet this is far from a resting place; it’s been transformed into a living reef, teeming with energy, movement, and vitality. Pieces of the past lie within the reef, beloved shore landmarks that may have been lost but won’t be forgotten. Many Playa Bowls ingredients have been ‘rooted’ into the landscape; strawberry patches, pineapple plants, and pitaya trees to name a few. Different species of lotus flowers and daffodils are growing throughout, all classic symbols of rebirth and resilience. The smallest details serve a purpose, all of them interconnected to create a whimsical and melodic composition, a visual symphony. Above all, reminding us that great loss is the catalyst for great growth.

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